The gay sauna as a meeting place

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Gay sauna’s are becoming always more popular in the gay world. Everywhere the LGBT world is emancipated, you should be able to find at least one gay sauna. But in the most gayfriendly cities there are more of them and even if you go alone you ‘ll enjoy the anonymity, the social environment, the facility and the easy of these venues.

History of the gay sauna

Public bathhouses exist from in the sixth century before Christ. Numerous descriptions from Greek antiquity have been dicovered. The gay sauna where men have sex with men dates back to the fifteenth century. In Florence in Italy, however, people revolted against places where “sodomy” took place, including gay baths. Owners of bathhouses then had to report all homosexual acts after which 44 convictions followed. In the days when sex was banned between men in the west, bath houses were one of the safer places where men could have sex without each other. Sometimes this came to light. As in the Paris baths Bains de Gymnase, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière, where in 1876 six young men, aged between 14 and 22, were arrested for threatening public morals. The owner and two employees were prosecuted for facilitating pederasty. Or in New York where 26 men were arrested on 21 February 1903 after a raid in a gay sauna. Twelve men were prosecuted in connection with sodomy, seven of whom received imprisonment ranging from 4 to 20 years. The modern gay sauna originated in the United States in the fifties of the twentieth century. Often events were organized around Pride Day. Also, these bathhouses were open during public holidays so that homosexuals, who were often rejected by their relatives in connection with their sexual orientation, had a place to go.

General description of a gay sauna

Gay sauna’s are also called gay bathhouse, gay steambath or in gay slang: “the baths,” “the sauna” or “the tubs”. The gay sauna is a commercial space for men to have sex with other men rather than only for bathing. Not every visitor of a gay bathhouse is considered gay. Some saunas offer a “lesbian” or “women only” night but in general lesbian bathing has rather become rare. Gay saunas vary greatly in size and facilities offered. Most, however, have one or more dry saunas, Turkish bath, whirlpool baths, showers and private rest rooms. Sometimes gay saunas are only accessible to members, but usually the facilities are publicly accessible after paying an entrance fee.

The gay sauna as a great first real meeting venue

You may go to a sauna alone to meet new friends or with a group of friends. Also, when you’re in dating program and yet know one or more guys of the same city the time will come to make an appointment in the real world. Then why not choose a sauna for this occasion? It is at least as safe as a pub and you’re immediately in the erotic atmosphere. Or wasn’t ihis your first intention with gay dating?

“A gay sauna is so new for me.”

Don’t be shy when you enter a gay sauna for the first time. You’ll meet a friendly staff helpful to introduce you in this new environment. And your friend will join you when you chose this sauna as your first meeting place. Read about visitors who share their experience as in this sauna guide from After have read this gay sauna guide you’ll know immediately what the sauna staff is talking about when explains you the working of the sauna.

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