17th August 2019 High Heels

High Heels

Every civilized human knows what heels are or else he will soon discover it. Heels’ history goes over many centuries with the appearing of definite height around seventeen hundred. Evolution of the heel through centuries Before 1700 heels although of a lower kind became visible here and there on Earth in different eras of human […]

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13th July 2019 Bohemian dresses

Bohemian dresses new arrivals

Who doesn’t know the store offering you these Bohemian summer dresses? There campaign reached the whole web since many months and every item comes with a mass of promotions. To begin new members can get over € 50 OFF as welcome promotion. More deals will soon reach your inbox after signing up. You can also […]

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8th June 2019


These boots are very popular. Maybe you know since some time from the colorful banners all over the Internet. You can buy them for 40 to 50% off the normal sale price. Plus you get a number of promo codes in your inbox when you register as affiliate. It’s very easy to earn with their […]

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3rd June 2019 Free fax

Free fax

Faxbetter.com is free as long as you receive a fax every 7 days. Else you pay $5.95 per month and it’s yours. Lifewire.com Blogpost “7 Free Fax Services”. None of these faxes is really free Faxburner.come You get a free fax number for 24 hours. For longer namely lifetime you have to take a premium […]

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11th April 2019

Glasses at Newchic

https://img.chiccdn.com/thumb/view/oaupload/newchic/images/CC/2D/9bc39e31-7129-4926-b70d-fcb258368d56.jpg SKU,Product title,Product main image,Product Details Page Link,Sale price,Commission,Promotion Link SKUA82633,Unisex Elegant Metal Frame Reading Glasses, ,Click16.69,3.0042,

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27th March 2019 Shipping cost

How much shipping costs do you pay?

Weight based shipping cost. There are several shipping cost classes: FREE Shipping Next countries get FREE shipping: US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Qatar, Philippines, Pakistan, Oman, Mongolia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Tajikstan, […]

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