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   Apr 25 2018 4:43 AM  

Zsolany Pecs Ceramic footed bowlPecs, Bohemia, 1878 – 1898Footed bowl in Persian Rose pattern.The folded edge and foot are elaborately reticulated. The pattern, stylised flowers and leaves, has been painted by hand.For the most part in an ivory colour with one section a light blue. Clear glazed.Stamped under the bowl is the company mark and 1878-1898, on the lower rim is the blind stamp and painter’s mark.Approx. height 15.5 cmBowl approx. 24 cm x 9 cmHeight of foot is approx. 8 cmFoot circumference approx. 20 cmDiameter of base is approx. 10.5 cmVery good condition, slight abrasion of colour.Please have a look at the photos for more details.

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