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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Model Trains
Scenery/Modul H0/H0e – Complete 2-piece module railway with 2 through tracks and branch to locomotive shed, harbour and coal transfer connected to a narrow gauge railway connection H0eThe diorama can be divided into two parts for traffic, the legs can be removed altogether.The modular layout consists of two main tracks branching off to a locomotive shed and harbour. There is also a H0e railway with coal transhipment.Dimensions:Length: 240 cm (consisting of two parts, each 120 cm)Width: 60 cmHeight: 117 cm Pick-up is preferred in Almere, the Netherlands. Can be delivered at a fee of €0.15 cents/km within the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany. Because of the volume, weight and sizes collection is preferred. In case of shipping the costs will be for the account of the buyer. Please see the photos for an impression.

Estimate price: 89.00
Current price: 15.00
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End auction: 14/04/2018 20:55

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