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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Hi-fi & Radio
Contents of the lot:Yarland FV-34 A MkIII single-ended class A amplifier.For a hassle-free introduction in the world of tube technology.Maintenance-free auto-bias setting of the tubes10 watts per channel powerDimensions: 32 x 17 x 28 cm (WxHxD)Weight: approx. 15 kg.Beautiful small tube amplifier is an elegant appearance and it also sounds like that.Unsuitable for watt-hungry disco pillars as big as totem poles, but perfectly suitable for civilised music experience with speakers of average to high efficiency.It has driven a pair of large Tandberg TL-5020 for me without problems.These are offered in parallel.The device is in good condition but does have a small damage on the volume knob.This does not stand out that much because it is exactly in the spot where you might expect a little notch.The damage is shown up close in the last 5 photos by means of a macro lens.All vintage audio equipment offered by me for sale is professionally checked before taking pictures. A complete test is done by electro-technicians at this company. The devices are always cleaned and repaired and re-adjusted where needed. The amplifier will be packaged twice following all art regulations (tubes separately), boxed twice in specially purchased boxes of very heavy quality (up to 70 kg load capacity).Pick up in Haren, near Groningen, is also possible.

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End auction: 11/04/2018 20:06

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