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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Art Photography
2 x vintage press/promotional photos of Madonna c.1980’s1. Vintage paperazzi photo – Gelatin silver print – Artist stamp, info and dated on verso JUNE 27, 1988Madonna and her husband Sean Penn at the Tyson vs. Spinks fight at the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic city. Dimensions: 22.8cm x 17.7cm Photo credit – Victor Malfronte2. Vintage promo photo – Gelatin silver print – Artist stamp on verso. Dimensions: 25.2cm x 20.4cm “Susan (Madonna) pauses at a vendor’s (Giancarlo Esposito) stand to try on a hat, on a street in New York City’s East Village, in Susan Seidman’s “Desperately seeking Susan”For Orion Pictures Photo credit – Andy Schwartz

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