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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Repair/Restoration details: Residual repairs in tiny exoskeleton holes provoked by extraction. 100% natural huge specimen with freestanding spines.This unusual trilobite shows an ornate design with spines and tubercles on its cephalon and pygidium. This species appears to be armored and, when prepared with care, skills and proper tools, it is a top notch addition to any collection.This specimen in particular shows some particular characteristics:- It has been prepared in a small pedestal that, together with the feestanding spines, results in a very harmonic display in the original Tinjedad matrix, a rock with a unique beautiful texture;- It is not usual to see specimens of this species in flat display. As some other very well known Moroccan Devonian trilobites (e.g. Erbenochile erbeni), almost all the specimens are semi enrolled (upwards or downwards) in the junction of the thorax with the pygidium. The cause of that, during the fossilization process, is not clear, but, as it affects almost all the individuals of this species, it is always noteworthy when it doesn’t happen – like in the presented specimen.Dimensions: Akantharges mbareki: 2,7 x 2,3 cm; Matrix: 9,9 x 7,8 cm.Finding location: Tinjedad quarries, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.TaxonomySpecies: Akantharges mbarekiFamily: Lichidae.Order: Lichida.Class: Trilobita.Geological Period: Devonian, from Paleozoic Era.Besides the intrinsic scientific value of this item, as a piece of Natural History, you are acquiring a rare specimen, whose preparation (in specialized laboratories using micro sand blasters, air scribes and other micro tools under stereoscopic microscopes) is a difficult task that takes dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of hours. These skills are only available to very few people in all the world. Fossils, trilobites and other premium items, are, nowadays also a way of investment as their value will just raise. They are also increasingly being used as decor, luxury items, taking advantage of the mysterious beauty and framing that they can provide in appropriate spaces.What you need to know about trilobites preparation. The differences between repairs, reconstructions and composites:- Repairs: trilobites come from the quarries normally in pieces or blocks – broken rocks than must be repaired. The ones that don’t need any kind of repair are very rare ones. For instance, the 3D Devonian trilobites, normally found in cross section, must be glued back together. Just then it begins the work of preparation in specialized laboratories, using micro sand blasters, air scribes and other micro tools. Making a correct repair, nearly impossible to detect even under a microscope, is a work that only enhances the value of a specimen. Just the better preparators can’t do it: prepare a difficult, spectacular specimen than leaved the mountain in a puzzle;- Restorations: this is very different from a repair. Not just gluing the pieces back together, but reconstructing part of a fossil that was missing or damaged. A missing shell crack, a spine, etc. When well done, in small amounts, to add fossils aesthetics, it is acceptable. A perfect specimen with no restoration is much more valuable than a specimen with restoration as it’s significantly more rare. As fossils, per definition are not perfect, and many collectors prefer not to have a spine missing or a hole in the exoskeleton, I accept residual restorations as a good practice. My policy, as a long time collector and trader of trilobites, it is to tell upfront about any restoration, specimen per specimen; – Compositing: Compositing and remounting is taking a specimen and, for example, attaching to a piece of matrix on which it did not originally reside. Or trying to create the “perfect” trilobite from pieces of many different fossils. This is not an acceptable practice if we are talking about top grade fossils. All my trilobites suffered repairs when broken at the settlement (they were glued at the lab). The vast majority don’t suffer any reconstruction (=restoration) or composition. That’s something I am proud to maintain as a philosophy in my lab. If so, I’ll tell you for sure right here.Do not hesitate to ask any questions. I will be more than happy to provide any additional details.Registered shipping with tracking number

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