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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Classic Cars
Layout: 2-doors Number of seats: 3. Engine power: 81 HP (60 kW) Cylinder capacity: 2,977 cc Number of cylinders: 4 Upholstery: Imitation Leather/FabricUpholstery colour: BlackPeriodic vehicle inspection: 05-08-2013 (expired)Registration number : Dutch (BG-52-HK)This original European Toyota Landcruiser BJ40, has just undergone a full part-restoration, this was fully documented and there are more than 350 photos available. The body was taken off the chassis and fully addressed, as was the chassis. The engine was checked and revised where necessary as was the interior.Condition of the mechanics (engine, gearbox, brakes): technically good, it drives well.Condition of body and paintwork: Generally in good condition.State of maintenance: Generally in good condition.It is optional to have the car delivered with export documents (costs to be paid by the buyer).The car can be viewed and picked up in Heemskerk, the Netherlands. It is recommended to view the car prior to placing a bid. This is a used car with signs of wear, so you should not expect this vehicle to be in mint condition. Transport can be arranged upon agreement and at an additional fee.

Estimate price: 22501.00
Current price: 6500.00
Delivery cost:
End auction: 16/04/2018 20:06

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