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   Apr 25 2018 4:43 AM  

Rare earthenware toilet bucket (Faience earthenware stoneware) by Petrus Regout, dating between 1850 and 1880, with decor named FAN.This item is rare. The only other similar item I know of can be found as a museum piece in the ‘Nationale Collectie Nederland’. Museums, monuments and archaeology of the ‘Rijksdienst van het Cultureel Erfgoed’, with the identification number SCF01187. ( to the item in the ‘Nationale Collectie Nederland’, this item is complete with handle made of rattan with a wooden handle. Dimensions:With a height of 25.5 cm. With a diameter of 27.5 cm. Made of faience earthenware, rattan and wood.In good condition. The bucket has some all-through cracks, though has not been glued or repaired in any other way: without restorations. The bucket is otherwise fully complete with some minor user damage. The original lid is fully complete and totally without damage.Shipping: Decent packaging with extra protection of the vulnerable parts (transport tape). Worldwide shipping via DHL, in The Netherlands via PostNL. Always with Track & Trace.A total of 2 items (bucket and lid).

Estimate price: 200.00
Current price: 30.00
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End auction: 27/04/2018 20:58

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