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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Art Photography
Jerusalem 2018. Huge, high resolution panorama image of the Muslim and Christian sections of the old city of Jerusalem. From the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the top left, to the Dome of the Rock on the right. This 134 megapixel image consists of 8 vertically shot images with the Leica M10, seamlessly stitched in Lightroom and printed on Ilford prestige fine art paper. The photo is 40 cms high and 170cms (1.7 meters!!) wide in full detail. Look at the photos to get an idea of the level of detail in this enormous print. Mounted or framed, this will be the central piece in any living room. The photo will be shipped with a white edge on all sides to allow matting, mounting and/or framing. The photo is varnished against dirt and fingerprints. The photo will be shipped carefully rolled in silk paper and packed in a sturdy mail tube. Paul Robert (1955) is a travel writer and photographer whose work has been published in newspapers, books and magazines in Europe, the US and Japan. More of this new “Jerusalem with the Leica M10” project can be seen from May 15-June 15 in the Leica Gallery Amsterdam on Van Baerlestraat. Later shows are planned in Wetzlar, Germany (October) and Hong Kong (2019).

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