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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Militaria & Antique Weaponry
Pair of French Officer Combat pistols, 1º First EMPIRE 1804/1816 pattern transformed into percussion, in case. Steel barrels ( gold ring decoration still visible), slightly “tromblonné”, in is end, eightfold, plain garrisons . Checkered Wallnutt stocks in good condition . Steel rods ( I believe are original). St Étienne proof marks (down barrell left side) locks with strong springs, working fine in the two positions ( one nipple need to be substituted) .Made mainly for an officer to use in the battle field in Napoleonic Campaigns. In a Oak tigger wood case,slightly pollished, bone possessin cartouche inside, not used; with key ( this is not is original case). Interior lined with velvet “Bordeaux”, compartmentalized, containing: Brass powder ; lubrificant bottle, unmarked; apocryphal box, brass, unmarked for fulminant; XIX century steel mold with cutter and number 27; screwdriver with rosewood handle. Signs of use appropriate to the age and facelifts. Lenght: 30 cm each (pistol). Dim .: 8 x 40x 29 cm (case). caliber 15 mm Total weight: +- 5Kg

Estimate price: 1801.00
Current price: 1200.00
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End auction: 13/04/2018 20:37

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