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   Apr 24 2018 7:15 PM  

Musical Instruments
Bass guitar (travel bass) with headphones and cable· High gloss finish· Length: approximately 125 cm· Mensure: 86.4 cm· Neck width: 44 mm· 4 steel strings· 22 frets· High-quality pickup system with headphone amplifier· Volume and tone control, extra amp output· Including headphones and guitar cableThanks to its design the bass is very beautiful and light, with 2 chrome-plated controls: 1x volume and 1x tone control (sound), also 1 x headphone output (3,5 / mini-jack) and 1x output for amplifiers (6,3 / jack) The pick-up has a great sound and is powered by a 9V battery (included)Good settings of the bridge, saddles and frets make for a very easy and pleasant playability. The ideal instrument for beginners and also for professionals who are looking for a playable, though affordable second instrumentThis cool silent electric bass is a patented instrument. You can enjoy music in a noisy environment without being disturbed or disturbing others. In addition, it is ideal for performances because the connection to an external amplifier is possible.Multiple lots from the same auction can be shipped together.

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Current price: 60.00
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End auction: 11/04/2018 20:35

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