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   Apr 24 2018 7:12 PM  

Musical Instruments
The transparent lacquered body has a back and side made of rosewood. The maple veneer top carries the solid rosewood bridge. A cutaway at the 14th fret provides trouble-free access to the higher notes. The mahogany lacquered neck made of one piece is perfectly measured and carries the rosewood fretboard with 21 silver-plated frets. The comfortably slim neck fits your grip well and is easy to play. The dot inlays are made of pearl. The headstock has 6 chrome-plated, closed machine heads in grover style. The control unit contains a volume control and a 4-band equalizer (around 12 dB). For connection to an amplifier, a 6.3 mm output is mounted and a cable in included. The guitar is a few centimetres smaller than a full-sized model and therefore it can also be played very nicely by smaller adults or larger teenagers.Technical information:Technical details:Length: 1012 mmScale: 655 mmNeck width: 43 mmColour: naturalWon lots from the same auction can be shipped together.

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Current price: 120.00
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