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   Apr 24 2018 7:20 PM  

Natural Fancy Yellow Green 2.01 ct. Round Brilliant Cut shape Diamond, with Excellent cut, Very Good Symmetry and Very Good polished, Its special kind of Yellow Green Diamond, best suitable for the pendant and ring centrepiece in Classic and retro style jewellery With Pink and White Diamonds. It is crafted and polished from the Brazilian rough the best source of naturally coloured diamonds. The stone comes with AIG certification #D85302628BE. Here are the dimensions 8.27- 8.38 x 4.77 mmCERTIFICATE: D85302628BE, AIG ANTWERP BELGIUMCUT: Round BrilliantWEIGHT: 2.01Dimensions: 8.27- 8.38 x 4.77 mmCOLOR: Fancy Yellow GreenCUT: ExcellentPolish: Very GoodSymmetry: Very GoodCLARITY: SI1Fluorescence: NoneCHECK THE FULL CERTIFICATE IN THE PICTURE

Estimate price: 5001.00
Current price: 1.00
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End auction: 12/04/2018 20:24

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