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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Model Trains
Lima H0 NMBS 150012 E-locomotive. Pantographs have rust. The buffers are missing.Four passenger wagons of Lima RICRIC (Regolamento Internazionale delle Carrozze) is a 1922 agreement between European railway companies about the employability of railway carriages. The treaty is now represented by the UIC, up to 1982 this was the task of the Swiss federal railways. The RIC has 27 participants from all countries of the European continent, with the exception of Finland.1 wheelset has loosened (see photo)The locomotive and carriages have been used, with signs of wear and possibly some surface rust on metal partsThe locomotive has been tested with working lights, but it has been standing still for a long time and therefore needs some maintenance (there is some noise when driving)The photos are part of the description.Shipment via Bpost with track and trace.

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