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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Minerals & Meteorites
Presenting here Large Sky blue Color Aquamarine Crystals Bunch Specimen with Muscovite Mica from Nagar Mine Gilgit Pakistan. Specimen has good number of Aquamarine Cryatals. Few of them are terminated with top luster. A beautiful average quality Specimen for collection.Item : Aquamarine Origin : Nagar Pakistan Treatment : Natural and UntreatedShipping : Standard International Shipping with Tracking number Note !!!As Mentioned in Catawiki Policy Buyer is responsible for Custom Clearence as we have no access to Custom of any Country. We Don’t charge Extra shipping so make sure you will pay Custom Clearence charges if applicable. Return !!!You can return your item and Claim refund if you are not satisfied with item after receiving. Catawiki will refund you your amount as soon as we receive our item back. Please don’t leave Bad Review or Negative Feedback as it affects our Business badly and We will solve issue in your favour.

Estimate price: 102.00
Current price: 60.00
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End auction: 11/04/2018 21:18

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