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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Classic Cars
Land Rover Santana 88 from 1984 in good condition.Manufacturing: 12/14/1984 Registration: 01/07/1985 Number plate: J-6736-HFrame: VSELBAAG2AZ102501Engine: Rover 2 1/4 L Diesel Cylinders: 4Power: 45 KW/60 HP Gear box: Four (4) speed plus reverse (R) Reduction gears: Si L N H Steering: Mechanical Kilometres: 81,000 (Not verifiable, possibly 181,000 Km) Vehicle inspection (Spanish ITV): Valid until 08/01/2018 Approved towing hitch.Number of seats: 7 Documents: In order and ready to be transferred. Diesel 2-1/4 L engine – 2250cc four-speed gearbox with reduction. Up-to-date maintenance and engine, brakes, gearbox and gear reduction working properly. All the car’s controls and clocks work properly. The odometer reads 81,000 Km but they are not verifiable, they are possibly 181,000 Km (This vehicle begins from 0 when it comes to 100,000 Km) Valid ITV (Spanish technical vehicle inspection) until 08/01/2018. Towing ball approved for up to 1800 kg on the data sheet and seven-seater. The vehicle can drive with three seats plus load or seven seats. The car is used weekly, it is available to see and test at any time. The wheels are 4 x 4 all-terrain. Exterior painted in green colour and interior in very good condition. Upholstered front seats and brand new rear seats, detachable hardtop, attached with screws. Vehicle with very good driving on the highway and off the road, everything works correctly and it is just as shown in the photos. Mechanics in good working condition and due to his years, there may be some slight oil or liquid sweating, without dripping. It is a classic 4×4 from 1984 but with a manufacturing technology from the 1960s 1970s from the Land Rover series II and III. The vehicle is in Santa Ponsa (Mallorca), Spain. Offers do not include transport or exportation, unless otherwise noted. In order to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to view the vehicle before bidding. To make an appointment for a visit, please contact Catawiki directly.

Estimate price: 8901.00
Current price: 6500.00
Delivery cost:
End auction: 16/04/2018 20:17

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