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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

This flawless and very complete 16 mm film camera comes from Russia.It is fully functioning (it is a winding camera) with a couple of 16 mm films.The films can still be bought new and are still being developed!With Russian documents.Specs:Lens: Meteor 5-1 F=17-69mm, f/1:1.9Film: 16-mm colour or black-and-white, size of a frame: 10.05×7.6 mmFrames per second (shutter speed) range: à8 (1/20), 12 (1/30), 16 (1/40), 24 (1/60), 32 (1/80), 48 (1/120), and single frameThe half automatic aperture setting with the thru-the-lens (TTL) exposure meter provides the high accuracy of the film exposureThe matte screen provides the clearance setting controlThe parallaxless reflex viewfinder provides the complete correspondence of the field of sight with the shot frame, appearing on the filmSpring motor-drive works without any battery, one cocking provides 5 m film windingThe half-automatic film loading into the film track simplifies and make it faster to prepare the camera for the workApertures 1.9-22Minimum focusing distance 2 m (without close-up lens)M42 mountSemi-automatic aperture setting77x0.75mm filter threadFilm counterViewfinder has dioptre correction (+5…-4)Overall camera dimensions (without pistol grip): 326 x 104 x 194 mmWeight: 3.2 kg (camera and lens), 6 kg (all)

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