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Doppelseitiges Klebeband mit Papiervliesträger für selbstklebende Zellkautschuk-Hohlkammerprofile

Double-sided adhesive tape with paper fleece carrier for self-adhesive cellular rubber hollow section profiles

Paper tissue adhesive tape with strong adhesive system for the self-adhesive finishing of rubber and hollow section profiles, which are mainly used as gaskets for vehicles and various industrial applications.

The strong adhesive film harmonizes very well with the flexible gasket profiles and ensures a reliable and long-lasting adhesion.


High/low tack adhesive tape with film carrier for easy and safe bonding of table tennis bat coverings. Excellent adhesion to rubber materials.

The differentiated adhesive tape is excellently suited for rubbers of table tennis bats, because the weakly adhesive and removable side is stuck to the bat and allows especially professional players a quick and easy exchange of covering.

Doppelseitiges Folienklebeband zur Verklebung von Tischtennisschlägerbelägen
Doppelseitiges Folienklebeband zur Verklebung von Transportschutzfilzen


High/low tack adhesive tape with film carrier for bonding felts used as punched parts for transport protection of various goods.

The high tack side of the tape remains firmly attached to the felt material, while the low tack side can be removed easily and without residue after temporary use.