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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Fine funny and unusual set around the theme of hunting and its jokes. Several themes.Details of the lot:- 22 humorous cards including a fine series in colour (1903-1910, see first photos) from various sources- 11 cards including 2 on “fines”, 2 on women hunters, 1 of a kid polishing the equipment (rare), the commandments of the hunter- 15 various cards including an advertising card (farines Jammet) some cards with unseparated backs, and a Daumier card- 6 uncategorised cards (Compère Guilleri, a card of Mastroianni, ferret hunting with explanations on the back)- we will add 11 semi-modern cards on the same topic. So, there will be 70 cards in total.There are a few duplicates, a few photos-cards and a few advertising cards.Most of the cards have circulated between 1903 and 1920 All cards have been scanned Average to very good condition.Total weight: 300 gShipping by post with tracking with signature required upon receipt

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