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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Asian Art & Objects
Hand painted hanging scroll signed Kosetsu 廣雪 – “Beauty Playing the shamisen” – Japan – ca. 1910-20 (Taisho period) w/boxTOMOBAKO(Scroll Box) : Wooden boxJIKUSAKI(Roller Ends) : Cattle boneHYOGU(Mounting): Silk / Brocade Technique : Hand painted on PaperSIZE : H:211cm W: 49.5cm “Includes roller ends” HONSHI(Picture) SIZE : H:128cm W:33cm Weight : 330g Gross weight : 680gGood condition. Stain on the part of painting and mounting. Damage on the part of mounting. We will ship by Japan post e-packet. It will take 1 – 4 weeks to your address.(to Italian Customer)Shipping Japan to Italy often delay. Sometime it take over 1 month to arrive Italy.We appreciate your kind understandings.(about shipping)If the selling price be over 300€, we are going to ship by EMS.

Estimate price: 200.00
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End auction: 11/04/2018 21:28

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