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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Archaeological Finds & Remains
China art – Fragment of embossed brickTerracotta sculpture with carved decor in light relief with a frieze of characters and horsesSeveral elements are characteristic elements of the Han dynasty, this piece:The representation of horses, the costumes of the characters and the cart stamped on this brick are perfectly in the stylistics of the Han dynastyThe iconography of this fragment reminds of the later Han period when compared to the national Museum of China; Indeed, one of the bricks visible at the museum, ‘brick representing tanks with drivers and tightrope walkers’ presents an amazing similarity with carts, horses, and the characters of this fragmentIMPORTANT :The base (black base and/or plexi support) of presentation on the photo is not included in the sale, used only for photo taking.Dating:Established beginning of 1st (25 AD) – beginning of the third century (200 AD , because this piece comes from a set of 9 bricks of which one brick was tested in TL on two samples having given a last date of 1760 years +/-140 which corresponds to the period of the later Han dynasty.Origin:Former Belgian private collection of the owner of the Rambagh in Belgium, acquired at the end of the 1980s.Art marketA piece from the set of 9 bricks was put on sale by Auction Art Rémy Le Fur & Associés when selling Asian Arts of 24/06/2016 See catalogue page 5 lot no. 5 and photo of the saleScientific analysisThere is no TL for this piece.Vision and acceptance of a piece in the lot of the 13 pieces made by the firm Porter & Associates during the sale of 24/06/2016Shipping:For Belgium delivery will be hand-delivered by the seller.For other countries delivery by Fedex with tracking.Packaging that can in some cases and depending on the part be achieved under wood or mdf body requiring a period of 5-7 days prior to shipment.Tracking, insurance at the amount of the sale without auction feesProvenance:The provider guarantees that this lot was obtained in a legitimate way. The related documents have been seen by CatawikiImportant information:The seller guarantees that he is entitles to ship this lot.The provider will ensure that all necessary permits will be provided. The seller will inform the buyer in a timely manner, should the shipping take more than a few days.

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