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   Apr 24 2018 7:16 PM  

Very suitable as an investment or for incorporating in an item of jewellery.Very nice diamond with certificate. Size: 8.58 x 8.46 x 5.46 mmClarity: VS2Treatment: No treatmentCarat: 3.60 ctColour: Fancy INTENSE Greenish YellowCut:Cushion cutCut Grade: Very GoodOrigin: AfricaCertificate includedDate GIL report: 07-03-2018. Report number: DIA201803076034The photos were taken using a macro lens. This allows one to assess the diamond honestly and correctly for any possible imperfections. Please have a good look at the photos before placing a bid. Please see certificate at this link: ReportID=DIA201803076033Will be shipped with insurance and a tracking code.

Estimate price: 649.00
Current price: 1100.00
Delivery cost:
End auction: 15/04/2018 20:01

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