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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Rugs (Oriental & Hand-knotted)
Very beautiful, hand-knotted, Romanian Erivan carpet, in good used condition.This beautiful carpet was made in the 80s in Romania and since then, has become rare. The carpet is fine and is knotted in a flat weave and is silky. Carpet has no signs of wear. It had a small piece repaired of approx. 10 cm (see last photo). Carpet is not worn down, not damaged. Great pattern, beautiful colours.Even fine soft pile.Fringe: good condition, even.The carpet has not been cleaned! High quality.Approx. 500,000 knots.L 218 cm x W 137 cm. New wool. Romania circa 1980.Natural dyes. Grey, light blue, dark red, beige.Indicated shipping costs apply for the mainland. Shipping costs to islands of the countries indicated could be between €10-€50 higher!

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Current price: 5.00
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End auction: 12/04/2018 20:36

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