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   Apr 24 2018 6:50 PM  

Musical Instruments
Dimension: 39″Fingerboard: maple (painted)Bridge: clone (painted)Top plate: lindenThe sides and back: linden, decoration of the bridgeMexican GuitarDurango MG 927 4/4 NAFull sized classical guitar with neck reinforced with a truss rod. Stable, great comfort and excellent price.Top plate, back and sides: lindenNeck, fingerboard, bridge: mapleBinding colour: cream-colouredFinish: glossGuitar reinforced with a rod in the neckColour: naturalOther indications: Durango MG-927, Durango MG927, EAN 2010000012178Dimension:Total length: 1000 mmLength: body – 495 mmWidth: body – large bow: 385 mmWidth: body – small bow: 295 mmWidth: fret 0: 53 mmWidth: fret XII: 63 mmDepth: body – 130 mm

Estimate price: 50.00
Current price: 75.00
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End auction: 11/04/2018 20:20

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