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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

A special champagne calls for a special glass, and these are perfectly suited to Dom Perignon. Made from hard-wearing acrylic and adorned with the Dom Perignon logo, they are fun and functional. The versatility of Dom Perignon means it can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and these glasses are just the thing for sharing cocktails at a picnic, garden party or other al fresco occasion.Authentis has merged expert craftsmanship and glassware research to create these acrylic champagne glasses – brilliantly clear, resistant to breakage and 100% dishwasher safe. This is the new generation of professional wine glasses. Designed to harmonise the flavours and aromas of champagne.Height: 24.0cm Length: 8.5cm Width opening: 7 cmMoet Chandon Tray, New Golde finish with Moet A Chandon logo Length: 42 cmWidth: 32 cm

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