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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Asian Art & Objects
Detailed handpainted hanging scroll – Signed and sealed ‘Shogai’ 松涯 – ‘Dragon amidst the clouds’ – incl. original scroll box – Japan – 1940Incl. old signed wooden scroll boxRoller ends ceramicSigned and sealed Dimensions: Total size: ca. 56 x 129 cm (excl. roller ends) Painting size: ca. 43 x 39,5 cm Good condition. Age wear as depicted (some wrinkles). Dragons are mythological animals of Chinese origin who protect Buddhism. In contrast to Western mythology, Asian dragons are rarely depicted as malevolent. Although fearsome and powerful, dragons are equally considered just, benevolent, and the bringers of wealth and good fortune. Will be carefully packaged and sent by registered mail.

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