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Melania Trump first lady of the 45th president of the United states

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After the first shock of the election of Donald Trump, everybody sighed “of course!”. During the campaign, Hillary Clinton gave out herself for bisexual although from before the elections she appeared to make part of a very closed family and a relationship that testifies of eternal fidelity. The “First Lord of America” is a terminology not explained in Wikipedia. It would be too funny. Melania Trump is the latest first lady of America and the spouse of the 45th president of the United states.

Early life

Novo Mesto View.JPG
© Julian NitzscheOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Novo Mesto

Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto as Melanija Knavs in the year 1970. She was fashion designer from her 5th. Following Wikipedia that doesn’t go into detail she was also on university, probably for photography, and speaks six languages.

Slovenia country of birth of Melania Trump

Not without the necessary excuses at the address of the White House I switch to some anecdotes about Yugoslavia while all the world is waiting for wait full excitement for the great breakthrough of Melania Trump the current First Lady of America. Remember Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton … They all had a kind of incubation period before the world came in touch about their missions.

Dark Yugoslavia

Jugoslavia-kartThe earlier Yugoslavian territory in 2012

The year Melania Trump celebrated her twenty first birthday, more exactly on on 25th June 1991, Slovenia became independant of Yugoslavia, a country whose name left a lugubrious resonance in the ears of many. Yugoslavia was a part of the Eastern Bloc where following the tradition kidnapping and eventually brainwashing were were a tourist’s main treats. One particular case was about a bus driver who arrived from abroad in psychiatry in Liège, known for its much more severe therapies than anywhere in Flanders. He got electro choc whereafter he was reassigned to Ghent. Over there following his own report he made objects, as an ordinary ash tree, jump through the consultation room before his therapeut’s eyes. This resembles a trick from a farce shop. The year before I had the honor to meet a German talking exprisoner from Czec. He involved me in his experience in jail where he was mentally tortured by a flashing light during two years. As soon as I suspected him from searching free accomodation I got rid of him.

Confusion about the Eastern Bloc

During many years, I didn’t know what to think about him. Some days later my friends described a man they had noticed about 50 km further, who talked German, and who was in all probability the same man. My friends thought he was only a profiteer. Decades later I thought I saw him on a painting and still later, I saw the person from the painting. That man talked without German accent and said he had always lived in Brussels. Maybe this is all fake or invented and I can also confuse people but I thought I really heard gossips about mental distreatement in the Eastern Bloc.

Successful trip through Yugoslavia in the early 80s

A couple of years later, more exactly in the early 80s, I travelled through Yugoslavia on a trip home from Greece. The train went from Athens to Ljubiliana in the North. My friends had stayed in Greece. One of them had offered me her dinars that following her own explanation she had wrongly received in the bank in Belgium instead of drachmas. Probably her taken care of me although she never told me anything about that. As far as I remember 1 dinar had a value of 2 drachmas. Until now I have never travelled with a visa neither in that time.

When the morning light broke through

The control asked me in what currency I was going to pay my licence to travel through the country for a value of twenty Belgian francs (half a euro the index not included). They didn’t talk English too good. Neither did I, maybe mine was even worse. They caught something about dollars that made them quite enthusiast but then I said that I couldn’t pay with dollars and also that I preferred to pay with dinars. About paying in euros no question yet of course. If they accepted them that would exclude the chance in Belgium that everything came out. They became furious or gave that impression when I told them my plan to pay in dinars what happened. The first trouble we all got after Athens was in Venice. About the Slovenian landscape, I apologise for not being able to go into details as it was night. That control can have happened early in the morning so that I didn’t observe the landscape in daylight either.

Marriages of Melania Trump

Melania Trump is married with Donald Trump 45th president of the United States.

It seems that Donald Trump has ever been married an American whereafter he fell back on an Eastern Bloc beauty once more. The love for the Eastern Bloc (how else could he meet someone there?) was a passion he shares with the German chancellor Angela Merkel and her family in general. Following Wikipedia, his first wife was a Czech.

Family life of Melania and Donald Trump

They have children!


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