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A colorfull 2017

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Quite often a colourful era follows to a period of black in fashion. Because of LBD’s big success the last two years every woman with taste the way Coco Chanel called them has on average three copies in her wardrobe. Slowly the market is getting saturated and then there comes a time for something new. Shortly before last New Year, Vogue brought us in touch of the coming “”Little Red Dress”” fashion. Are you scared for the signs you can send into the world by wearing red? Vogue had also alternatives as green, red’s complementary colour. Also, it extracted with flowers, cherries and animal print.

Vogue was right!

A colourful era repulsing black to the background is not new in fashion history of the former century. The 50s, 70s and late 90s enter fashion history as colourful. 2017 is no year too early to keep black for the alternatives as the Goths, Gothic lolita, the contesting intellectuals and certainly much more. Conventionally as always in cultural matters, it showed off with Lene’s in LBD during Eurosongfestival 2010 and with LRD on the Atlantic ball in 2017. Best to search out for yourself further for one swallow doesn’t make a summer!

The big success of the red dress

The success of red in movies is known since a long time. Each movie star ever played in a movie in which she wore a red dress or else she wore one on another public happening. Many among us remember dresses of the fifties as if it was yesterday. Dreams about being dressed in a Hollywood star outfit are as easy as that to realise especially with all those copies made from famous dresses.

Many designs from the movie world have a black version that came on the twenty-first century’s market as LBD. Kind of an indication that the red vintage dress’ cut is just simple enough. Hence why we use “”Little Red Dress”” for the red version.

A kind of a dress being copied yet numbers of time is Marilyn Monroe’s Niagara dress. As well in the original colour (Marilyn’s Niagara dress was namely deeply pink) but also in blue, purple, pink, white, and all imaginable printing, but especially in solid red. The dresses here below come from Pinup Couture, one of the bigger vintage brands for women’s clothing. They do sell the Niagara black and a red colour variant Niagara dress. Made of bengaline, a tissue from the end of the 19th century. They have sagging cap sleeves! Buttoned bow at the front make it airy and pick nick remembering. Nevertheless, everything remains perfectly on its place throughout the night. Moreover, if needed, this dress enables you to hide all your eventual imperfections! Also, the sexy slit interrupting the hemline in front has a really surprising effect! See more vintage dresses here.

Niagara Dress, Red
Buy for € 109.00
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Niagara Dress, Black
Buy for € 109.00
or vergelijk

Het “”red dress effect””

The designs of red, black and other colors may then have been the same, the psychology associated with wearing a red robe is completely different from that associated with black. Black stands for good taste and can be combined with anything. Red is much scarier in the combine. You need to carefully choose what you wear to red as you obtain soon a loud impact. Moreover, you should know what effect wearing red has your surroundings. This psychology attached to wearing red is called the “”red dress”” effect.

Men estimate the red-clad women as more open-minded for sex than women who wear a different color. The same goes for women compared to men who wear something red. According to social psychologist Adam Pazda get a lot of animals when they are redder body parts fruitful. But not necessarily the erogenous zone. Mandrills example, get a redder face.

Back to humanity that something know as the “”dress effect red””. It has nothing to do with the cut because the effect is the same for a red T-shirt. Only the color red causes. Pazda warns men and women that their wardrobe can hold a lot more signals in this area than they thought. But you are now warned if you are going to find out red garments. However, many of them created a style from another era, but they’re just all red.

Alternatieven voor rood en toch nog kleurrijk


Kate Middleton was very colorful for the day at the annual “”Head Together”” meeting and Christmas party organized by “”The Mix””. The floral dress she wore turned out a real “”must have”” for he would have immediately been sold. design Vanessa Steward and for sale for € 850. Or success now is due to the design or the color, it says something about the populatiteit of colorful prints. Perhaps found many young women floral print beautiful but reluctant to wear them something themselves until they saw that Kate was wearing. The dress has a floral motif of red roses on a dark background. This is similar to a cherry motif on black or a dark color. For the rest, he has long sleeves. He is also right one swing dress and a belt at the waist.


Green and colorful alternative

Nothing is known about a “”green dress”” effect although green course a symbolism like any other color. Think of green traffic light and you know green stands for safety and licensing. A green cross indicates in Europe a pharmacy. Especially Europeans and Americans associate green with nature, life, spring, youth, inexperience and hope. Furthermore, with calmness, tolerance and pleasure. It is the color of many environmental organizations such as Greenpeace. Further-reaching is the color of each political party striving for a life closer to nature. The Chinese associate green with sunrise, life and growth. Green is also a symbol of rebirth, renewal and immortality. The Ancient Egyptians portrayed their god Osiris, king of the underworld, with a green skin.

Erin Dress Green
Buy now for € 119.00
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Negative symbolism green

Negative sentiment values green evoke jealousy and lust. Green is no longer associated with love and sexuality while in the past, in the Middle Ages, it symbolized the man’s natural desires. It was the color of the snake that had caused the fall in the Garden of Eden. For troebadoers was it the color of growing love. In Victorian England was green associated with homoseksualtiteit. Furthermore, green also poison and are fairy tale characters like dragons, fairies, monsters and devils often green.

Groen staat ook voor status en was in de 19de eeuw de kleur van bankieren en de kleur waarin het dollarbiljet gedrukt was.

Een groene jurk

Rechtsboven een groene jurk van Pinup Couture. Hij is gemaakt in stretch bengaline van hoge kwaliteit met rits op de rug voor een perfecte pasvorm. De top heeft geplooide schouderbanden en een overslag die leidt tot een licht A-lijn. Het design van deze jurk is gebaseerd op de glamour van de hollywoodsterren uit de 50’s, maar met de hedendaagse vrouw in gedachten. De elegante, vrouwelijke vorm van deze retro jurk zal heel wat hoofden doen draaien.



Dierenprint is een imitatie van bont van bijvoorbeeld luipaard, zebra, gevlekte of gestreepte hyena, Afrikaanse wilde hond, giraf of aap. In 3D is dit namaakbont en in 2D gewoon vlakke dierenprint. Niet alleen is er kledij in dierenprint maar ook allerhande accessoires, gadgets, huisdecoratie en juwelen.

1950s swingkleed in bruin luipaardprint
Koop nu voor $ 58.00
of vergelijk

Namaak bont is een goedkoop alternatief voor echt bont dat een statussymbool is. Koningen en andere hooggeplaatste personen hebben bonttapijt als trofee gehouden doorheen de geschiedenis. Als stof voor kledij werd het vooral populair in de VS tijdens de Bohemiaanse periode. In Europa behoorde hiertoe o.a. de Bloomsbury Groep waarvan enkele bekende schrijvers zoals Virginia Woof en E.M. Forster lid waren.

Dierenprint refereert niet alleen naar het patroon van de pels maar ook naar elk ander dierlijk lichaamsdeel.

Hiernaast het 1950s swingkleed met driekwartmouwen in bruin luipaardprint. Een verrukkelijk retro-geïnspireerd swingkleed van het merk Sara Clothing. Het heeft een valse wrap V-hals, flatterende driekwart mouwen en een zacht gedrapeerde A-lijn rok met lengte onder de knie. Vervaardigd in stretch katoen met brede gestreepte taille en rug voor de perfecte pasvorm. Loop hiermee rond!! Verkrijgbaar in de maten S-L zolang de voorraad strekt.


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