Ways to wear your LBD

Ways to wear a Little Black Dress

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The versatility of the little black dress entails that you can wear it on the most divergent occasions just by playing with some details. These include mainly the accessories. An LBD can be combined as well with denim, flats and silver as with fur, heels and gold and diamond.

Yet within the different designs of the little black dress there are many different styles. You can choose a little black dress with design based upon one of the different vintage periods as the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s 60s, 70s until today. There is also variation in the length of the skirt. Started with the hemline just above the knee in the 20s, it raised in the 60s and knew periods with longer skirts. Quite well-known is the design in lace that can be worn as well on parties as on formal occasions.

Get a further differentiation with the accessories you wear your little black dress with. With the right choice you can transform your look from casual to dressed up.

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1. Short

With a design out of the year 1926 the first little black dresses certainly didn’t have as much variation as they have now. However yet knew the 20s a dichotomy in fashion between flappers and classical housewives. And the flappers wore their skirt yet until knee line! Since the 60s you can opt for ultra short as the South Korean girl on the left.

2. Simple

Wear you little black dress as it is, with simple black shoes.

3. Midi

Attending a royal film of ‘Hugo’ in 3D in London, Chloë Moreth wears a midi black dress in Lace, black stockings and peeptoe heels.

4. Maxi

A platina blond model with maxi black dress with V neckline during the Mercedes-Benz Autumn / Winter fashion week 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Dark red lips and a tight-fitting necklace.

5. Lace

Funeral, party

6. All black

Get a mysterious look by combining your little black dress with a black hat, black stokings and black heels.

7. Contrast with red or hot pink detail

8. Multicolored faux-fur

Anna Dello Russo in a multicolored faux fur. She is the editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. Dello Russo was born in 1962 in Bari in Italy. Currently she resides in Milan. About herself she says she is a “passionate fashionista” and by Helmut Newton she is called a “fashion maniac”.

9. Denim

10. With faux fur and flats

Youthful and casual look with this pair of little black dress with flats and an off-white faux fur. Outfit convenient for an afternoon outside in the country or for a forest walk. To watch sports as football, motorcross, cyclism. Or to take driving lessons.

11. With a black leather jacket

Ready for a dinner date, an after-work appointment, a dancing visit or any other leisure occupying.

12. Brown leather boots and handbag

Wether in an office or as a teacher, the combination of a little black dress with brown leather accessories accentuate your look of equality and authority.

13. Long necklace

Add a long necklace for the festive look and to make YOU look longer too!

14. Silver clutch

All silver and golden accessories giving you a nifty look, good for gala parties.


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