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Polkadots became of fashion in the U.K. from in the nineteenth century, at the same time as the polka dance was popular. They exist in equally sized dots in a regular arrangement on a contrasting background. Big dots give the garment a playful character while small dots are used on more casual wear.

Polka Dot Print Sleeveless Waisted Dress

Polka Dot Print Sleeveless Waisted DressPolka Dot Print Sleeveless Waisted Dress featuring Polka Dot print. Round neckline. Sleeveless. Back zipper. Classic polka dot print blend with A-line silhouette, isn’t the kinda sweet dress that every little girl ever wanted.
Washing: Wash according to instructions on care label.
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Brand: OASAP
Color: Blue
Sizes: S, L

Price: $ 21,99

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  1. Cordelia says:

    What a great harvest week! Those trbonmochino squash are really interesting. They way you described their taste and texture has me really interested in them.

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