Weird Google street view experience

Wed, Feb 10th, 2016 @ 6:13:41 AM - 

Everybody should be in touch about the Google street view app you can find on If you don’t know how this work, look for the orange little man, put your cursor on it and drag it to the place you want to explore. The Google man will rotate over an angle of 90° after which the landscape over there become visible. Google street view doesn’t exist yet in all parts of the world and it also just an app to explore the surrounding land- and cityscapes from the public road.

The car with the publicity pane

This morning while I was virtually driving over the road from Kortrijk (Courtrai) to Brugge (Bruges) I did the strangest discovery until now in streetview. I was following a car! If you don’t believe me, take a look yourself.
I overtook him, turned my car to see him back some later, but it seemed disappeared. No worry because driving in the right direction again I saw him back on about the same distance before me. The publicity pane was namely always as unclear as before.

My message to you

If you clicked on the small link to the google map in this post and made a ride you may always leave a comment about your street view experience, especially if you reached Bruges. I hope in the next days I’ll find time enough to replace or add entries.


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