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Lustrous 9x10mm Freshwater Pearlnecklace Featuring a 925 Silver Heart,L 44cm – Authenticity Certificate


The necklace counts 46 pearls measuring 9x10mm with high luster and is completed with a nice 925 silver heart clasp.At 44cm, the necklace has a standard length that complements both a high and low neckline.Pearl information:- Type / Origin: Freshwater / Southeast Asia- Oyster: Hyriopsis Cumingi- Color: Vibrant white- Shape: Round- Surface: Clean and smooth with natural growth features- Luster: Very Good – Shining- Size: 9x10mmClasp Information:Individually knotted between each pearl for safety, the necklace is completed with a 925 silver interlocking clasp.The clasp is safe and is easy to open/close.Packaging: Jewellery box and an ORDINEX Certificate of AuthenticityInsured track and trace delivery.

Estimate price:200.00
Current price:47.00
Delivery cost:15.0
End auction:08/01/2018 20:29
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