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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Wonderful handcrafted Antique Set of high quality: Pair of Earrings and Ring set with 1.20Ct. total exquisite Bohemian Garnets, the largest ca. 3.54 Ct.They made of old silver 835 with partly gold plated decorated elements. Very beautiful design. Sent in attractive new jewellery box as present package.Earrings and ring with approx. 1.20Ct. exquisite Bohemian Garnets total.Lock and decorated elements made of silver. Large oval facetted Garnets have intensief red color and they are transparant in excellent state despite the years.Wonderfull set.Earrings: Length: 25,13mm Wide: 14,65mm Ring size ca. 17.25mm ( can resized with additional fee) Ring head approx. 16×15,3mm Silver: 835 hallmarked Weight total: ca. 13,5Gr. Sent in new jewellery box insured with Track &Trace in very good package.

Estimate price: 251.00
Current price: 90.00
Delivery cost:
End auction: 15/04/2018 21:49

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