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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Classic Cars
DESCRIPTIONPresented in 1969 at the Turin Motor Show, the second series of the Duetto is characterised by its “boat tail”.This Duetto specimen is a 2000 Veloce, one of the most powerful and exciting versions to drive. It is presented as a “restoration project”.The body shows some scratches and signs of aging: it needs to be completely repainted. The bottom is in good conditions.The car is original in every detail. Engine no. AR00515, chassis no. ARAR2467676, car type 115.38 still fitted with security etched glasses from first equipment. Some small details are missing, such as plexiglass front light covers, the 4 hubcaps of the 4 wheels and the two internal deflector closures.The car is registered as a 2+2 seater, as reported in the registration document. The seats show some signs of aging: in particular, the passenger seat has a 10 cm cut in the upper part. All instrumentation and steering wheel are original. The dashboard has 2 cuts near the air vents. The capote needs to be redone but the frame is present. Chrome is in good conditions. The plastic headlight gems do not show cracks at sight.Mechanic-wise, the car needs a complete inspection since it’s been standing still for about 20 years. The engine is loose.It had 3 German owners and currently it hasn’t got an inspection, because it needs to be restored first and then re-tested.This car can be viewed and picked up in Bergamo, Italy.

Estimate price: 9501.00
Current price: 3100.00
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End auction: 20/04/2018 20:08

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