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Thu, Oct 13th, 2016 @ 1:54:48 PM 

Still passionate about writing I would like to blab out that I started blogging in probably the easiest industry for women without much education. I can be wrong but I thought that Coco Chanel just found a living in originally amateurish fashion designing. I only mean that she may have discovered that about herself although the experience and contributions of her mother can be of resounding interest. She lived in the twenties of the former century but more globally considered, Cleopatra seems to have been a nearly as important dictator as her husband in ancient history. Chanel’s rival Schiaparelli told her mother after her separation that a woman needs something as a career also and started fashion designing too. 99,9…% of my knowledge is based on Wikipedia if not invented. Many fashion designers obtained a college degree who knows especially males.

The year before I graduated I failed in a secondary school in Kortrijk in Belgium for all my German languages although I thought I had a real passion for them. Daughter of native Flemish parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and somewhat further, I never had the feeling for the French word gender.

One or another day Hirewriters will rewrite a lot of this blog if not everything and that day always comes nearer. Just notice!

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