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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Minerals & Meteorites
A large number of different mineral gems – 3500g – ore and sculpture -18 pieces.Agate, chalcedony, agate, obsidian, Afghan jade, turquoise, crystal, etc.Type of ore: various forms/projects.Weight: 3500 gA very good country.Status: sculpture and polishing.Quantity: 18Country of originFrom China, Afghanistan, Burma, Brazil.Afghan jade :8.5×4.2 * 2.8cm weight 181 grams.Afghan jade :7.1×4.1* 2.8cm weight 130g.Round agate ring: 5.6 cm in diameter, 2.3cm thick, weight: 126 g.Special pattern: 6.6*4.9*2.6cm weight: 128 grams.Brazilian agate: 6.5*2.5*4cm.Obsidian: 6.1*3.9*1.1cm.Animal shape size: about 5-6.2cm in length.Circular diameter: 4.2cm(3 pieces)Circular diameter: 8cm (2 pieces)Private collectionsCarefully packagingNon-refund policyThe number of traceability logistics provided.

Estimate price: 63.00
Current price: 35.00
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End auction: 14/04/2018 20:33

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