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   Apr 12 2018 4:29 AM  

Militaria & Antique Weaponry
Here’s something special, a pin fire rifle calibre 16 juxtaposed barrels in mint condition. This rifle has probably not be used often because it is in near perfect almost new condition. Beautifully crafted with decoration of animals (foxes) leaves, fruit and flowers. Even the screws are chiselled. The barrels are in Damascus steel Photos 35 – 36 – 37 -, and the barrels inside are mirror. WONDERFUL All parts have the same number, and it is easily removable. It has its braided leather strap of time. On the barrels engraved C WAY ARO 73 B ART STRASBOURG – PARIS. The butt is in walnut (hardwood) it was passed the national testing bench of the arms of Saint-etienne required is the only bench of FRANCE. (MARKING PHOTO 39-40)Total length: 1.18 m or 118 cmLength of the barrels: 76,5 cm.Very well-protected shipping with tracking.

Estimate price: 443.00
Current price: 290.00
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End auction: 15/04/2018 20:16

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